Handstand Training Blocks - Adult Sizes

  • $35.00

Handstand Training Blocks - ADULT SIZES
(sold in pairs, 2 block set)

Great for circus, gymnastics, and yoga training.

Changes grip and takes pressure off the wrists. Used for practicing stationary handstands, one arm handstands, and in preparation for working on elevated handstand canes, handstand block walking, and block stacking work as well.

People also like to use them to give themselves some height from the floor when flexibility or arm length is an issue when coming into/from inverted positions to/from pike throughs, planking, etc.

Handmade hand balancing blocks made from Appleply

Cork bottom to decrease slippage on floors.

NOTE:  There is currently 1 size/color option for kids size, and 2 size and 5 color options for adult size.

BUT Blue & Green colored Adult Sized blocks are being phased out.
IF the color/size option doesn't show in the pull down menu then it is out of stock and won't be restocked (it can be special ordered though!)

Select which set you'd like sent to you from the pull down menu.

Actual Block Dimensions:
Kids Large Block Size:  3.75" L x 3.375" W x 3" H 
(plus 1/16" cork bottom)
(NOTE:  Kids blocks are NOT under this listing, look under Kids Handstand Blocks on the category page)

Adult Small Block Size:  5" L x 3.125" W x 3" H (plus 1/16" cork bottom)
Adult Large Block Size:  5.375" L  x  4" W  x  3" H (plus 1/16" cork bottom)



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