Marigold the Giant Caterpillar

  • $800.00


Puppet Creature for use as a Mascot, Theater Productions, Festivals, Earth Day Events, Parades, and more!

She glows in blacklight, you can get inside of her, and is handmade from reclaimed materials.

She'd be an amazing addition to an Alice in Wonderland show, book readings with kids, street fairs and farmers markets, earth day events and more!

I was inspired to create this puppet because I had a bunch of left over rubber covered steel wire rings from mountain bike tires that I reclaimed via stilt building and I wanted to use them for something, and out came the idea of a caterpillar!

This caterpillar is human-powered (I crawl on my hands and knees), it is also black light reactive, and it is built almost entirely from reclaimed materials.

This caterpillar puppet creature is built out of foam and steel wire rings from the mountain bike tires I cut up for tread on my Peg Stilts for Kids and Adults.

She comes with a protective cocoon that can hang from the ceiling vertically too!
Kneepads and gloves are included!

IF you plan to get inside you must be a maximum of 37" at the hips.
She's about 6.5 feet long.

Video of caterpillar in action:


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