Fleece Gear Bag

  • $20.00

Fleece Gear Bags

Fleece Gear Bags to hold your wood blocks, juggling equipment, costumes, shoes, make-up, or whatever else you might want to put inside!

ALL of them have a drawstring closure and clip for attaching to belt loop, bike, another bag, or wherever you might want to hang it or clip it.

Product Dimensions:

Medium size  (about 14" tall)  Approx 21" circumference unstretched.

Large size  (about 15.5" tall)  Approx 21" circumference unstretched.

You will need to select your size and color choice when you make your purchase.

Options are limited to what is available in the menu.

If you don't see an option listed, it is not available.

The medium and large bags can easily fit 3 juggling clubs inside, all in one direction with some room remaining.

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