Marine Debris Ornaments (set of 2)

  • $25.00

Marine Debris in Resin Ornaments


These Marine Debris Ornaments are made from microplastics that were collected from Oregon beaches, resin, metal hardware, and hemp string.

Hang them in a window, on your wall, or on your Christmas tree, they can even be used as a paperweights, the ideas are endless.
Microplastics contaminate ALL ecosystems, and need to be removed from the environment because the smaller they are, the more edible and toxic they become. 

Microplastics are the most difficult to collect, clean, reuse, and recycle. Zero Waste Product Line:
Protecting the planet and using everything to the fullest extent possible are things that takes great pride in incorporating into products and artistic creations.

Help protect and save the planet by buying sustainable products, by using what you purchase as much as possible, and by limiting your impact on the planet where and whenever you can.

Together, WE can make a difference for tomorrow.


Woman Veteran Handmade by Kricket Caffery in Lakeside, Oregon USA

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