Tin Can Stilts for Kids

  • $25.00


Great for ages 4-12

Product Details:

All tin can stilts are handmade with care and attention to detail by Kricket and can be used by Kids of most sizes.

All tin can stilts have grommet holes for the string to reduce wear and prevent the string from being cut by the tin.

Wood inserted in bottom of can for counter-weight and balance, and to decrease slippage

You will need to select your color choice from the pull down menu when you make your purchase.

  • Black/Silver
  • Red/Black
  • Red/Silver
  • Neon Pink/Black
  • Neon Pink/Silver
  • Purple/Black
  • Purple/Silver

String and wood insert color may vary.
Pink is neon pink, NOT pale pink.
You can see the neon color on the edge of the photos and in the single set image that shows the grommets and wood insert view.
Camera kept washing out the color in the image, sorry.  The other colors look acurate.

If the string seems too long for the user(s), tie a knot in it to facilitate a shorter handle.

Then untie as they get older, or use the upper loop instead of the knot as the handle for taller kids.

Have questions, please get in touch here:  http://www.pegstilts.com/contact.html


Tin cans, plywood, grommets, parachute cord, brads, and duct tape.
Made in part from reclaimed materials.


Not for Adult use, although this product will support some adult weights, this product can fail under adult weights, especially on uneven surfaces or with repeated misuse.

(Teachers:  It will be fine for you to demonstrate using the product so that you can ensure your students know how to use the equipment, but you shouldn't spend a lot of time on them especially if you are of a larger size.)

For use on flat, level, dry surfaces only

All users should always wear shoes

Younger users may need some adult assistance initially

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