Padded Gear Bag for Stilts

  • $125.00

Padded Gear Bag for Stilts

For protecting, storing, and/or carrying your Peg Stilts.

Adjustable shoulder strap/sling, interior pocket for personal items.

Made with fabric, foam, nylon webbing, thread, and acetyl plastic buckles.


53.5" tall,  48" circumference



Shown with 3' adult set of Peg Stilts inside the bag.

This bag is best for 2.5' and 3' stilts

Peg Stilts can be put into the bag in the same OR opposite directions of each other, there is enough room.

If you were to put in longer stilts then a portion of the stilts would stick out of the bag, shorter would fit further down into the bag.

This bag MAY fit drywall stilts, but I'll need to confirm, so you'd need to send me the dimensions of your drywall stilts in order for me to guarantee they'd fit inside.

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