Spinning Handstand Blocks Stand

  • $250.00

2 sets of large appleply handstand blocks mounted on appleply board.
Each block spins independent of the next, and in both directions.
Built-in hinged brake allows for stationary block usage as well.


Great for circus, gymnastics, and yoga training.

Changes grip and takes pressure off the wrists. Used for practicing stationary handstands, one arm handstands, and in preparation for working on elevated handstand canes, handstand block walking, and block stacking work as well.

People also like to use them to give themselves some height from the floor when flexibility or arm length is an issue when coming into/from inverted positions to/from pike throughs, planking, etc.

Handmade hand balancing blocks made from Appleply

Blocks dimensions are:
Adult Large Block Size:  5.375" L  x  4" W  x  3" H (not including mounting hardware)
Center of block to center of next block is 7.5"
Distance from center of first block to center of last block is about 22.25"

Appleply base platform dimensions are:
34" L x 11.5" W x .75" H (with brake folded/on)
34" L x  14.25" W x .75" H (with brake open/off)

NOTE:  As shown in the video at the link below, there will be a tiny amount of movement when the brake is applied, otherwise the brake would be too tight to close/open, but the blocks will not spin when the brake is applied, including with a lot of force applied.

See a video of this product here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yFrg0Z3PYxE

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