Stilts - 2 foot tall (24") Kids Stilts

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2 foot tall (24") Ash Peg Stilts for Kids 8+ and/or users under 5'3"

    • All Circus Peg Stilts have adjustable nylon webbing straps that include velcro
    • Straps are located at the toe, ankle, and knee
    • Knee also has a padding cup to increase stability and comfort
    • Rubber tips are used on the peg bottom to increase traction and to absorb shock  (Note:  Pics show tires, they are no longer used because they were hard to source and the new rubber tips are easier to replace, photos to be updated soon)
    • uses Ash wood to build our Peg Stilts
          • Ash is used for things like baseball bats, because of it's springiness, strength, and resistance to breakage.
          • The impact resistance of Ash is rated as high.
          • Ash is very light in color and the grain pattern looks very similar to oak.
      • All - Peg Stilts for Kids and Adults are Woman Veteran Handmade with care and attention to detail by Kricket Caffery since 2008, is located in Lakeside, OR USA.

    If you are unsure of what size you should select, please visit: USE & MAINTENANCE FAQs (click here)


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     DO NOT make stilts, for yourself or others, using products to copy from. does not endorse, allow, or permit the copying of our peg stilt design, style, or construction which is proprietary and has been used exclusively by Caffery since 2008.  Please see Product Disclaimer here

    ATTACHING SHOES: stilts do not require that shoes are attached to them, which makes them very versatile in a workshop/class setting.  They fit many bodies of many sizes.

    However, it is totally possible to attach your shoes if you desire, particularly if you are a professional, if you will be doing ground work, acrobatics or partnering, if you're shoes are moving around in the straps, and/or if you know that your stilts will only be used by you.

    IF you do not intend to attach your shoes to your stilts, then it is HIGHLY recommended you select the shoe friction kit add-on from the pull down menu, FREE INSTALLATION.

    Rubber Tips:  Rubber tips will wear down over time.
    Why not buy and extra set now so you're not left without, and so you don't have to pay additional shipping fees later.  Buy them now at a DISCOUNT and they'll ship FREE with your stilt order.  Tip wear will depend on frequency of use, temperatures, movements, and surface type you're walking on.

    There are downloadable instructions for a number of topics available below, click on the topic of interest:

    Stilts Use & Maintenance FAQs (click here)

    Stilt Walking and Falling Information (click here)

    Stilt Walking Levels Sheet (click here)

    Shoe Attachment Instructions (click here)

    Rubber Tip Replacement Instructions (click here)

    Tire Tread Replacement Instructions (click here)

    Friction Kit Installation Instructions (click here)

    Fire Dancing on Stilts Safety Information (click here)



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