Testimonials from Customers

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PegStilts.com sells Circus Peg Stilts, Handstand Training Blocks, Costumes, and other Circus Equipment to a wide variety of customers across the USA, Canada, and around the world since 2008.

Customers include
individuals, colleges, schools, circus organizations and instructors, performance groups, churches, kids camps, scout troupes, dance drill teams, and many others.

ere's an interactive map of some of the groups, businesses, and organizations that have purchased PegStilts.com products over the years!

Looking for stilt walking lessons in your area?

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Reach out to the business in your area and see what class options might be able to help you learn since they have my stilts, but also know that lessons are not required in order to learn.

None of them sell my products, you'd still purchase direct from PegStilts.com

PegStilts.com Customer Testimonials:

"I saw your post on the eugene circus guild page, I just wanted to say I bought a pair of peg stilts from you about 10 or so years ago at faerie worlds and still have/use them! Thanks for making such quality stilts✨."

~Alexandra R, Eugene, OR

"Your stilts were perfect for the back legs of "Carl" my swamp beast! I researched a lot of places and yours were the best. I walked around Washington, DC where I live for about 4 hours on Halloween weekend. It was a hit!"

~ Natalie C, Washington DC

"Thanks so much for the stilts for my daughter's 9th birthday!  She LOVES them!  We got her up and walking within about 15 minutes."

~ America H.  Portland, OR


"Thank you so much for all the ways you are building into Kaija's life...especially by making her dream come true of owning her own stilts (and pants)...Here are some shots of her on her recent photo shoot with Julie Barbee of Frocky Jack Morgan. Thank you!"

~ Doreen M., Portland, OR

"We bought these stilts from you this summer for Ellie's 10th birthday.  She wore them at the Art and Soul festival this weekend in Oakland.  She is in a circus youth troupe and after each performance she walked around handing out fliers. She had so much fun!  Thank you!"

~ Mary R.  Oakland, CA

"GREAT shipping! Thanks so much.  My 12 year old daughter is too excited so your promptness made her a big fan! Thanks".

~ Shelby C.  Southhampton, NY

"I'm totally remembering our raffle at the EdCon 2011 and your stilts were the first thing to go!  Everyone wanted them!"

~ Jess L. from SANCA Seattle, WA

"Sadie was sooooo looking forward to walking on stilts at her second AYCO; and she was elated to win the raffle for your pair.  I cannot thank you enough -- and we will broadcast through the Atlanta circus community your info."

~ David from Atlanta, GA


"I just received my 3 foot pegs today - they're beautiful!  I've been walking stilts since 1997."

~ Tracy M.  Groveland, FL


“I did a gig on those stilts last Saturday and I gotta say, "I love them!" Very comfy and sturdy. I've been stilting for over two decades and I know stilts. These are great stilts!”

~ Rhys Thomas, JuggleMania Professional Juggler, Portland, OR

"You are fabulous.  I am thrilled to be supporting a woman veteran owned US business.  Our family draws a lot of attention. I wouldn't be surprised if we didn't gin up a few more sales for you this coming year."

~ Mary Beth B.  Kirkland, WA

"We got the stilts today. Thank you so much. I realize this is a business for you but it's a great service, too....I wish you could have seen our son's face. I thought he was going to hurt his cheeks he smiled so much and so big. He was walking on his own within ten minutes - a little wobbly and only 15-20 steps but solo, none the less."

~ Deb F., Plymouth, MN

"Thank you for creating such wonderful stilts.  They really have been perfect and allowed us to do amazing things for our new theater work, RED-EYE to HAVRE de GRACE - let us know if we can forward you photos of them in use once the show opens in September".

~ Thaddeus P.  from Lucidity Suitcase Intercontinental  Philadelphia, PA


"We did get the stilts. Our first performance  is next weekend with our students for this semester. Eight 5th graders on stilts :-) We will post pictures for sure.  They are beautifully made and are a real pleasure to walk on. The ones we made are functional but not nearly so elegant."

~ Melissa M. from Amphibian Stage Productions  Fort Worth, TX


"I would not of survived this parade without your help.  I made it 10 blocks without falling.  But I was falling the day before... It is excellent for the core and your balance.  It is a confidence builder. "

~ Joe F.   Meeker, CO


"yeah, they {peg stilts} arrived just with your e-mail. they are seriously solid and well made. thanks!  she loves them. they scare me do death. the kids is like a spindle as it is and quite tall for her age. we'll have to watch some of the stuff on your site tonight to learn how to start and fall with these things!  plus, i have to get her all the protective gear!  again, thanks for a super high quality product!"

~ Ivana K from Charlottesville, VA