PegStilts.com History:

Walking on stilts started out as a hobby for PegStilts.com owner/operator Kricket Caffery.

I really enjoyed being up tall, costuming, and performing, andI also wanted to share the experience with more people in my community after experiencing a very traumatic few years I was looking for a productive way to shift perspective and do something that would bring myself and others joy and empowerment.

In 2008, myself and some friends started an all-women stilt walking group in Portland, OR.  This was an opportunity for women and girls ages 8 and up to learn to stilt walk in a supportive and safe environment.

While establishing the group, I realized how hard it is to acquire affordable well made Peg Stilts in the USA, so I decided to offer a stilt making workshop as well.

The stilt making workshop gave the women (and girls) an opportunity to use power tools in my workshop, some for the first time ever, and to build their own stilts.  Later, they were all taught to walk on on them.  Our goal was to create animal costumes and to stilt walk in an Earth Day procession of the species parade.

After the stilt making workshop, workshops, and parade, I continued to build stilts on my own as a hobby, I literally took $500 out of my savings account and bought my first wood order and began mostly selling them to my circus and gymnastics students in Portland, OR.

Over time, I've honed in my design to be the most sturdy, and most affordable stilts I can offer and PegStilts.com has continued to grow over the years.

Since 2008 Kricket Caffery has built each and every pair of stilts, thousands of them, they are all woman veteran handmade in the USA.

Now PegStilts.com has stilts and other products in nearly all of the US States as well as Canada, Norway, Japan, France, Dominican Republic, Singapore, US Virgin Islands, New Zealand, and more!

As of July 2016 PegStilts.com is now located in Lakeside, Oregon USA.

I just bought a tiny house on stilts and a huge shop for PegStilts.com to grow into.

Lakeside is on the Southern Oregon Coast, just south of Winchester Bay, just north of Coos Bay.

Set up a time to come check out the new space if you're passing through town.

PegStilts.com Owner/Operator:

Kricket Caffery
has taught trapeze, stilt walking, handstands, tumbling, mask making, and partner acrobatics classes and workshops to children and adults at many schools, festivals, and private events since in 2003.
Kricket has also performed with the Girl Circus at Oregon Country Fair, seasonally at festivals throughout the West Coast and Canada, and she was a co-producer of Circus Artemis - Portland's All-Women Circus, and she owns and operates PegStilts.com.  All stilts, puppets, and art are woman veteran handmade in Oregon USA since 2008.  As of July 2016 PegStilts.com is located in Lakeside Oregon, on the southern Oregon coast.
Kricket is also an artist, a contraptioneer, unique puppet and creature fabricator, fire safety goddess, peace and environmental activist, nature enthusiast, community builder, and an "I can do anything" kind of a person!