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Below are some VIDEO LINKS showing what some of our customers are doing with the stilts they purchased from

VIDEO:  Bountiful High School Mandonelles  2012 - Kick  Routine
- UVU Drill Invitational

VIDEO: Pendleton High School Dance/Drill Team 2013 OR State

VIDEO:  Bountiful High School Mandonelles Drill Dance Team 2011 - Character Routine

VIDEO:  Canby Cougars Dance Team 2010 OR State Championships

From the Canby coach:
"This is the dance the Canby high school dance team is doing this year...It is a story of tribal seasons and the floor is a paper scroll that has been unrolled...The girls are dressed liked birch trees with a yellow leaf on back...The boys on stilts represent winter..."
~ Blaine O., Canby HS, Canby, OR 2010

NEWS STORIES about customers and their stilt walking performances:

Prep drill: Miners, Braves dominate at state competition

4A/5A state drill team championships: Bountiful keeps rolling, Copper Hills wins first 
Bio mechanics study at Omaha University in Nebraska
Exciting news:

A pair of stilts from are being used for a bio mechanics study at Omaha University in Nebraska!

It's a study of the energy costs and motor skill learning of walking on stilts

Info from the researcher:

"I am just finishing up the project for which you donated the stilts and I had a NASA fellowship to pay for my time.  I presented the work at Nebraska Academy of Science Aeronautics & Space Science Section and the summary was published in the Proceedings of Nebraska Academy of Science.

You can see the motion capture cameras in the background.  There are little spherical markers attached to the stilts to track their motions in 3 dimensions.

I am talking to the lab director about actually starting a new study using the stilts where the subjects just walk on the ground (walking on the treadmill on the stilts was pretty difficult for people with only an hour of stilt practice).  If the lab director and I work out the details of another study, we would start bringing in subjects to collect more data this fall."  
 ~N. Hunt
Links to articles written about

Life Is Too Short, Walk Taller!

Submitted by Michelle Snell from NW Kids Magazine written by Kricket Caffery from



"Stilt walking is great for co-ordination, cognitive and physical development, balance, confidence, self-esteem, strength, and trust building, and is an extremely interactive activity..."


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From Trash to Terrific: A Lesson on Change

by: The Bug Chicks

"We'd like to highlight one puppet here that has nothing to do with bugs, but it MUST be talked about.  Kricket and a few volunteers walked along the Oregon coast last year and collected bags and bags of trash.  Out of the rubbish that people threw into the water and onto the beach- the cups, plastic bottles, styrofoam take out containers, and foam peanuts- she created a beautiful sea turtle puppet. It's four feet long and impeccably constructed..."

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