Puppet and Art Fabrication

Artist Kricket Caffery uses a very wide variety of reclaimed items to make Art, Toys, Contraptions, Creatures, and Puppets.

Each piece is generally unique, handmade, and often incorporates many reclaimed materials from all sorts of sources like the recycling bin, beaches, roadsides, PegStilts.com manufacturing, car parts, and more.

Custom orders are always welcomed

Got an idea of a project/product you'd like from me?

Please get in touch and we can brainstorm your ideas and options.

The photos below are some examples of past projects/products that are way different than my regularly stocked circus stuff.

I've tried to categorize them a bit, please check out the photo albums below:

Things made from fabric (click here)

Things made from wood (click here)  

Things made from other stuff (click here) 

Puppet and Creature Fabrication  (click here)


Please also be sure to visit PegStilts.com Zero Waste Products Page  (click here)

PegStilts.com Zero Waste Products have been created to decrease the amount of wasted but otherwise good resources generated at PegStilts.com, OR were left in the environment as litter and debris polluting ecosystems.  This product line decreases costs here, and lessens PegStilts.com's impact on the planet elsewhere.

Protecting the planet and using everything to the fullest extent possible is something that PegStilts.com takes great pride in incorporating into products and artistic creations.