Refer-A-Friend Program FAQs Refer-A-Friend Program FAQs rewards you for telling your friends and students about

Refer others to and receive:
$10.00 credit per NEW customer that buys Stilts 
$2.00 credit per NEW customer that buys Handstand Training Blocks

NOTE:  The NEW customer MUST tell me you referred them to


Use the credit on anything you'd like in WebStore

Save up 10 referral credits and get a FREE pair of Stilts OR a set of Handstand Blocks of your choice, based on your referral type!

Refer-A-Friend credits are only credited to the referrer when a NEW customer purchases Stilts or Handstand Blocks AND tells me your name or organizations name.

Refer-A-Friend credits are not issued to customers purchasing any other products, ONLY stilts and handstand blocks.  I do keep track of them though so if the customer eventually buys stilts or handstand blocks I'd know you were the original referrer of that customer and a referral credit to you would be granted.

To use your Refer-A-Friend credits, please contact and a coupon code will be issued so you can use your credits in WebStore on your next purchase
Keep on
collecting them to earn the free product instead, they don't expire until they're used.

Refer-A-Friend Program Policy FAQs, Program Details, Limitations, and Redemption Information:

CLICK HERE Refer-A-Friend Downloadable .pdf to add your name to and hang up

FAQ:   What products/services can I use my referral credits on?

Referral credits can now be used towards the purchase of any product you'd like, but t hey can NOT be used for services like:  stilt walking lessons, workshops, or performances.

If the product value of what you choose is less than your credits, cash is not offered, the remaining credit instead will remain in your account notes.

Refer-A-Friend credits are not redeemable for cash ever under any circumstances.

YES, YOU CAN USE REFER-A-FRIEND STORE CREDITS WITH BULK ORDER DISCOUNTS, but I'll have to help you make it happen, just get in touch before ordering
(Check out the Discounts Page too, click here)

FAQ:  Who counts as a referral?

In order to count as a referral, the referral MUST be a NEW customer making a Circus Peg Stilt or Handstand Block Set purchase, only 1 credit is issued per new customer to the referrer, amount is based on the product they purchase.

A new customer means someone who has never purchased any products of any type from any sales channel in the past.

  • If you are an individual who spreads the word and because of your efforts, customers come to to buy Stilts or Handstand Blocks, then you get credit for your efforts and support of my small niche business, it's that easy.
  • If you are from an organization that refers people to to purchase stilts or handstand blocks, your organization qualifies for Refer-A-Friend Program too!
The referral does NOT need to be someone you know, they just have to tell me YOU referred them

You can hang up as many fliers as you want with your name as the referrer on it anywhere, anytime, and collect tons of referrals!  That would be awesome and very helpful!

You can share links and posts from Social Media Network and gain referrals that way too!

Please tell your students and friends about and/or hang and leave fliers in your community.

Print: Refer-A-Friend flier (click here)

Anyone that is referred to MUST GIVE YOUR NAME (or Organization Name) AT THE TIME OF THEIR STILTS or HANDSTAND BLOCKS PURCHASE in order for you to earn the referral credit.  Yes, emails/messages sent shortly after purchase definitely count!

Please use the NOTES field for this information during the check out process, or email me the information once your order has been placed, that works too.

Referral credits will be voided if the new customer cancels or returns their order.

FAQ:  When will I receive my referral credit?

You will receive your referral credit as soon as the NEW customer has purchased and paid for their stilts or handstand blocks, and told me your name.  (them remembering to tell me your name is KEY to you getting the referral credit, otherwise I have no way of knowing you sent them)

The referral gets logged into my Refer-A-Friend database so when you are ready to use your referral credits, all you have to do is simply contact me to have a coupon code issued in the amount earned from your referrals.

Don't worry if you are issued a coupon code and decide not to use your referral credits right away, your referrals don't go away...everything remains as it was.

Refer-A-Friend referral credits only go away when you use them, so you can collect them for as long as you want, as slowly or as quickly as you want.

Once issued, simply enter the coupon code into the web store checkout field when you make your purchase.

Referral credits are not redeemable for cash under any circumstances.

You may use them whenever you'd like, you can save them up until you have 10 to qualify for the FREE Stilts or Handstand Blocks, or you can use them anytime before then.

Once a referral credit is used, it is voided and cancelled out.

FAQ:  How many referrals credits can I earn?

There is NO limit on how many referral discounts you can earn over time, or at what pace you accumulate or use them.

This is all about getting name out there.

I encourage you to tell everyone you know about and to become part of the word of mouth marketing campaign!

You can save up your credits until you get 10 and get a 'FREE pair of stilts or handstand blocks'
you can use them earlier and save money on your next order.

Referral credits are not redeemable for cash under any circumstances.

FAQ:  Can a business, school, troupe, or non-profit benefit from the Refer-A-Friend Program?

Yes, you absolutely can!
Please see the DISCOUNTS PAGE too

If you are from an organization that refers people to to purchase stilts, you qualify for our Refer-A-Friend Program too!

Just tell your students and friends to be sure to give us your organization name when they purchase their stilts or handstand blocks and the referral credit will be logged.

When you're ready to use your referral credits, just get in touch to request your referral credit coupon code.

All rules apply the same to organizations as they do to individuals.

FAQ:  Where can I leave and hang fliers in my community?
Anywhere with a bulletin board or a wall:
Elementary, Middle, and High Schools
Toy Stores
College Campus
Sports & Leisure Centers
Gymnastics Facilities
Juggling Shops
Magic Shops
Dance Schools and Studios
In the hands of your friends
Coffee Shops
Community Centers
Bulletin Boards everywhere.
CLICK HERE Refer-A-Friend Downloadable .pdf to add your name to and hang up


Here are a few options:

Tell your friends, students, and community about
Thank you so much for all of your support, I really appreciate it.