Zero Waste Products Zero Waste Product Line

Inevitably leftover materials are generated in the process of manufacturing stilts, handstand blocks, costumes, and other creative products, but NOT all these leftover materials are waste.

As a matter of fact, most of the materials are perfectly good and could easily become other things, so Kricket started a
Zero Waste Product Line to use the materials. Zero Waste Products have been created to decrease the amount of wasted but otherwise good resources generated at, and/or that were found in the environment as litter and marine debris polluting ecosystems. 

This Zero Waste Product Line decreases costs here, and lessens's impact on the planet elsewhere, it also improves the local environment, particularly the coastal beaches.

Protecting the planet and using everything to the fullest extent possible is something that takes great pride in incorporating into products and artistic creations.

Help save the planet by buying sustainable handmade products, by using what you purchase as much as possible, and by limiting your footprint on the planet.


Thank you for supporting Zero Waste Product Line.
Together, WE can make a difference for tomorrow.