Stilt Pants - Iridescent Blue Purple 69" length

  • $135.00

Stilt Pants - Iridescent Blue Purple 69" length

The fabric of these pants is stretchy.
Please be sure your measurements are correct.

Product Measurements:

69" total length
31-36" elastic waist
30" at foot area (approx halfway down the length)
32" bottom cuff

Spandex fabric does not unravel and has a tendency to bunch up and get wavy when hemmed so spandex products are left unhemmed and can easily be cut to a shorter length IF desired.

IF you do need to shorten your stilt pants, add a drop of permanent fabric glue to the serged stitch on the interior of the cuff to keep it from unravelling after you've cut to desired length.

Sizing help for Stilt Pants:

1)  Measure from the top of your hip bone, to the floor on the outside of your leg

2)  Add the height of your stilts to the measurement you got above

3)  Subtract 4-6" for floor clearance (you don't want your pants/cuffs to go all of the way to the floor, it is a tripping/slipping hazard)

The measurement you get from doing steps 1-3 above is the maximum length of pants you would want. 


You can cut stilt pants and stilt covers that are too long.

These stilt pants are made for peg stilts and most drywall stilts.

DRYWALL STILT USERS:  Please measure the circumference of the widest point of your stilts to be sure these pants will work for you.

These stilt pants are NOT made for use with bouncy/jumping stilts.

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