Bat House

  • $150.00

Handmade Bat House - Provide the bats with a dry space to roost and they'll help you get rid of flying pests, like mosquitos for example, and they'll help your garden too!  See helpful hints below.

Bat House Size:  21.5" L x 19.75" W x 3.125" H 

You will need a drill for the pilot holes, and a phillips head bit or screwdriver to attach the hanging hardware.

A set of hanging hardware is included, it is not already mounted onto the bat house, so that you can attach the hardware how you need to, based on where ever you're going to mount the bat house.

I recommend using 2 brackets at the top and 1-2 at the bottom.

At the top, mount the hardware to the back of the bat house, do NOT drill through the top roof of the bat house that could cause a leak into the bat house.

On the bottom however, you can choose to just drill through the wood instead of using the hardware, that is fine to do.

You may find that using a different hanging method or hardware is preferable depending on your location, that is fine too, whatever works that allows the bat house to hang securely and not move around in the wind.

Hanging location recommendations:
a)  choose a dark area away,
b)  not in direct wind/rain,
c)  securely mount the bat house a minimum of 6' above the ground with open clearance underneath for them to enter/exit,
d)  under the eaves mounted flush on the side of a building or mounted on a pole works great,
e)  not above a footpath, you don't want to be tracking the guano into your home.

Helpful Hints:
The bats will produce guano which is very valuable in the garden (and expensive at the stores) so instead of buying it, you can lay a piece of wood or metal on the ground under the bat box and catch their guano for reuse on your plants/fruit trees as a fantastic rich FREE fertilizer!

Bat guano is also quite corrosive, so be sure you don't mount the box over something it could damage, or on a foot path so you don't track it inside.

Most bats leave during winter months and travel to warmer places, so be aware of that when you hang it with regards to when you might expect some batty visitors.

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