Knee Foam Replacement Set

Knee Foam Replacement Set

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Included are: (2) pieces of foam for the knee area of Peg Stilts.

Select the foam pad size you're requesting from the pull-down menu.
Kids (4" x 12")
Adult (4" x 14")

NOTE: If you are near Lakeside, OR then you can schedule a time for me to install the foam knee pad for you for no additional cost.

If additional adjustments or maintenance is required or requested, additional fees could be applied.

NOTE: If your stilts were not purchased from, I might still be able to help you out, contact me directly using the contact page.

Another option:
You can buy a camping mat at a camping store, army surplus store, or foam store if you want to buy some locally

Try to get the same or similar foam and then cut it down to 4" x 14" rectangles for Adult Stilts or 4" x 12" for Kids Stilts

I know the cost sounds high but the foam is one of the more expensive parts of the stilts, I don't understand it, but it is what it is.

If you buy locally you won't be paying shipping and you'll have plenty of foam left over for any future needs, whenever that might be.
Downside is you have to find a local place that stocks what you want.

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