Stilt Walking Lesson - 1 hour, 1 person

Stilt Walking Lesson - 1 hour, 1 person

  • $35.00

Life's Too Short, Get Taller with

Stilt Walking Lesson - 1 hour, 1 person

Stilt walking is great for co-ordination, cognitive and physical development, balance, confidence, self-esteem, strength, and trust building, and is an extremely interactive activity.

Learn to walk, safely fall, and get back up again, all with the help and instruction of Kricket Caffery the sole owner/operator of

Learn from an experienced teacher in a safe and focused environment.

Get your questions answered and get individualized feedback that meet your abilities and challenge you safely.

Kricket has extensive experience teaching many circus related skills to people of all ages and abilities in a wide variety of environments!


  • Tie on shoes (ex: sneakers) are required for all Peg Stilt Walking Lessons.
  • Stilts and knee pads are available for use during the lessons, you do not have to have your own. 
  • If you do want to use your own stilts, I reserve the right to inspect any/all stilts for sturdiness and construction integrity before teaching you on them. 
  • I also reserve the right to not permit their use for the lesson if I find the stilts to be unsafe for any reason.
  • Lessons are taught on stilts up to 2' tall only.

Lesson Scheduling/Location:
  • is located in Lakeside, OR.  Lakeside is on the Southern Oregon Coast, just south of Winchester Bay, just north of Coos Bay.  I'll give you my exact address when we schedule your lesson date/time.
  • You can schedule a 1hr lesson and then decide if you feel like you'd like to schedule further lessons based on your ability and comfort.
  • During the checkout process you will be asked what date/time is ideal for your lesson.  You do not have to give an exact time/date, just a general idea.
    I will check my schedule and confirm with you a lesson date/time that will work for both of us.

Fine print:
    • If you are going to be late or can not make your scheduled lesson for any reason, please give 24hrs notice and we can reschedule.
    • No refunds or credits for missed lessons (no shows and/or last minute cancellations), no exceptions.
    • If you are late to your lesson, we will still need to end at the originally scheduled time slot unless other arrangements have been agreed upon.
      Class fees will not be pro-rated or adjusted.
    • Why do I have these policies?  From past experience, I have to say it so that people respect my time. 

"...lessons are non-durable goods - meaning, once my Monday slot at 3:30 is gone, my son's teacher can't turn around and sell it again.
The only way she would be able to give him a lesson later in the week would be if she were to give up time that she had scheduled for her own private life..." 
                                              Excerpt from:

Group stilt walking workshops are also available for birthday parties, festivals, and other events!

If you have it in your budget, I can even come to you to teach classes in your community, I love travelling!

Please use Contact Page to inquire about group workshops and other booking opportunities.

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