Stilt Straps Replacement Set - ADULT

  • $50.00

Replacement straps for Peg Stilts FOR ADULT

Let me guess...You've got fuzzy critters and their hair is all caught up in your strap velcro.  No problem, replacement strap sets are available.

NOTE:  Kids and Adult sizes are available, be sure to choose the correct size.

Set includes:
(6) straps - [2 of each: 18", 28"**, and 34"**],
(6) plastic slides,
(2) 5" tabs,
(2) 14"x4"  knee foam,
(10) 1" washers (2 types),
(6) 1.25" screws,
(4) .5" screws

** = strap total length before slide inserted

YOU WILL NEED a T20 Star Bit and a #2 Philips Bit for your drill to install these straps, and a workbench clamp, vise, or extra set of hands.

NOTE: If you are near Lakeside, OR then you can schedule a time for me to install the straps for you for no additional cost.

If additional adjustments or maintenance is required or requested, or if your stilts were not made by, additional fees may be applied.

NOTE: If your stilts were not purchased from, I might still be able to help you out, contact me directly using the contact page.




DO NOT make stilts, for yourself or others, using products to copy from. does not endorse, allow, or permit the copying of our peg stilt design, style, or construction which is proprietary and has been used exclusively by Caffery since 2008. reserves the right to file legal complaints, including Cease and Desists and to take court/legal actions if necessary.

If you would like to know how to build stilts of your own, there are instructions that are downloadable for free from the internet.

Stilt walking can be quite safe provided that safety precautions are taken, and purchasing a well made product from a professional reputable builder like is always recommended over building your own.

There are many dangers that a novice builder may not be aware of that could permanently disable someone if the product they’re using fails under them due to poor craftsmanship or the wrong materials being used.

ALL activities, including Stilt Walking, DO have risks, and by attempting to stilt walk YOU acknowledge that YOU are responsible for the safety of yourself, others around you, including property and possessions.

By purchasing or using products, YOU assume ALL responsibility, liability, and risk to yourself and others around you, and you understand that any modification or poor maintenance of products could be dangerous.

If you injure yourself, others around you, or any property or possessions, while stilt walking, training, or otherwise using products or suggestions, whether properly or improperly, Kricket Caffery,, and any/all affiliates, officers, directors, employees, and agents assume NO responsibility for injuries or damages incurred.

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