Tin Can Stilts

  • $50.00

Tin Can Stilts for Kids
7" Tall, 6" Diameter

Select the color/pattern from the pulldown, there is one of each pattern available.
If something doesn't show in the pull down then it is not available anymore.

Product Details:
7" Tall, 6" Diameter

They all have a wood inserts in the bottoms (of one or the other wood types shown in the image)

The wood bottoms are very tightly fit and each one have numerous short nails along the edge that hold it in place, the wood is 3/4” thick

Tin can stilts are for use on flat surfaces only!

The string holes are all grommeted, so the string doesn't get cut by the tin.

The strings are all the same length, if string length adjustments are needed, you'd simply tie a overhand knot in the string loop and then hold onto the knot instead of the top of the string loop (see product images) which allows the string length to be adjusted as needed for individuals, which is especially helpful in a teaching environment with users of various heights.

Adults up to 150# may use this product to demonstrate their use, but they are not made for adults and should not be used by adults on an ongoing regular basis.

Tie-on shoes should always be worn when using this product.

Tin can stilts are for use on flat surfaces only!

Note:  Walking on rocks and uneven surfaces can be dangerous to the user and may damage the product due to unequal pressure on the wooden insert in the bottom.

Even though the wood bottoms are very tightly fit and each one has multiple short nails that hold it in place, but if there is a rock then it will likely push up unevenly on the wood which could cause structural issues.

In general, tin can stilts are only meant for flat surfaces, so it shouldn't be an issue you run into, but you should be aware of so you don't damage the product.

Do not stand on the sides of the cans, this will damage the product.
If any cans end up with large dents in the sides over time they should be retired, they are no longer safe/structurally sound to be walked on.

This product is a Zero Waste Product:
The can and wood were reclaimed materials in order to make the product, PLUS IF the product ever needs to be retired, you can simply reuse the string, and remove as much of the tape as possible so you can then recycle the tin can and burn the wood.



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