Rubber Tip Replacement Set

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Need to replace the rubber tips on your stilts?

1 set of 1.5" rubber feet, for re-treading your peg stilts on your own.

Tread tip wear is expected and replacements are required.
Tread tip wear for each user depends on a number of factors like: 
  • the amount of time you’re on the stilts,
  • what kinds surfaces you’re walking on,
  • the temperature of the walking surface,
  • and what you’re doing on the stilts when you’re up there.

NOTE: If you are near Lakeside, OR then you can schedule a time for me to re-tread your stilts for you for no additional fee.

If additional adjustments or maintenance is required or requested, additional fees could be applied.

If you'd like, you can also wrap electrical or gaffers tape around the sides of your tips to help the last a little longer.  Do not put the tape on the bottoms of the tips it may cause a slip/fall hazard.  I do not recommend using duct tape.

Rubber tips do not particularly like sharp or loose gravel, of course neither do most stilt walkers, it's like walking on marbles, but just know that if you're out on jagged/rocky/rooty terrain you're gonna go through tips faster.


If you had tire tread instead rubber feet, you can find downloadable instructions for installing the tire tread here (click here)

I no longer carry reclaimed tires for retreading since they are easy to find in your own area at a bike repair shop.

There is also information here Use and Maintenance FAQs (click here)

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