Circus Stilts - Peg Stilts

Circus Peg Stilts for Kids and Adults

Adult Peg Stilts available in heights of:
1.5', 2', 2.5', and 3' tall
Recommended for users over 5ft 3in tall

Kids Peg Stilts are available in heights of:
1', 1.5', 2', 2.5', and 3' tall
Recommended for ages 8+ and/or for users under 5ft 3in tall

NOTE:  2.5' and 3' stilts are not recommended for beginners.
Most adults start with 1.5' or 2', and most kids start with 1' or 1.5'

For more information about things to consider when choosing your stilt height, please visit the Stilts Use & Maintenance FAQs Page at the link below.

There are downloadable instructions for a number of topics available below, click on the topic of interest:

Stilts Use & Maintenance FAQs (click here)

Stilt Walking and Falling Information (click here)

Stilt Walking Levels Sheet (click here)

Shoe Attachment Instructions (click here)

Rubber Tip Replacement Instructions (click here)

Tire Tread Replacement Instructions (click here)

Friction Kit Installation Instructions (click here)

Fire Dancing on Stilts Safety Information (click here)